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signature. maryland's department of labour is already gearing up for an influx of applications from the 19,000 merrill lenders to stand to benefit from an extension of the federal payments. >> unemployment can affect anyone read it -- can affect anyone. >> she tracks claims. congress appears poised to extend federal unemployment benefits. >> public, people have patience. we've already had a lot -- a large volume of people calling. >> the bill would offer up to 73 weeks of federal unemployment payments to people live exhausted their state benefits. belated government numbers show the job market is tougher than ever -- the latest government numbers show the job market is tougher than error -- than ever. >> the maryland benefits are only 26 weeks and length. >> recent layoffs are driving the impact of the recession on our area. she expects that number to grow by 1500 people a week. >> the average weekly benefit in maryland is $312 a week and that is taxable. it is not a lot, but it is there to help people get by while they are looking for the next job. >> debit cards have replaced the traditi
. >> the baby will be in custody of maryland social services. in baltimore, wbal tv 11 news. >> juveniles are in custody tonight after they are accused of robbing dozens of light rail customers over the past months. some even involve a gun. police are now investigating crimes on may 23. one man actually allowed police to run surveillance from his home. >> anytime someone stops -- steps up and plays a role, it is a great asset to the police department. >> the young men face a number of charges, including armed robbery. an update now to a story we brought you as breaking news at 5:00. 10 people are now being treated at area hospitals after an mta bus and a van collided. this was in east baltimore. according to the mta, the driver failed to stop at the stop sign in rammed into the bus. none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. >> crews are working to clean up water damage, causing 900 people to evacuate the marriott waterfront hotel korean and four-inch water main broke, causing gallons of water to float into the hotel. most soaked into the walls and ceilings -- the marriott wate
that will people of this morning for the maryland registered a 3.6 earthquake. a number of people in the area were more than a little surprised. >> things were shaking. sure enough that my dog, who sleeps on the edge of the bed, she fell off the bed this morning. >> while grumbling of the earth is not unheard of in our area, but most maryland if would not -- most maryland residents would not expect such an earthquake. >> it was trembling in the walls were rumbling. -- and the walls were grumbling. >> it was really scary. >> the quake was felt as far north as pennsylvania and as far south as charlottesville, virginia. by noon, more than 1000 people have logged on to the website to report feeling the quake. that includes people from howard county. we learned how the state is responding to the quake. >> i am looking down and the next thing i know, it is like a scene out of "jurassic. park's" the ripples were going across my cup of coke and my blue bottles started rattling. i started looking round and i thought it was a fat guy running through the building because the floor was shaking and i heard thi
are saying tonight that yet another person has died from the extreme heat. that brings the total in maryland to 17. adults -- and adults working in the yard was found on responses. that victim also suffered from heart disease. the storm is blamed on the death of an annapolis man. they were unable to make it back to shore. officials say smith was taken to the medical center where he was pronounced dead. this is a video captured by a new local member. it shows the blaze just before 3:30 this morning. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. a baltimore city police tonight investigating to deadly accidents, both involving officers. the first led to the suspension of officer timothy. investigators say that officer bills chased a motorcycle on the beltway early yesterday morning. he died at the scene when both crashed. later yesterday, a woman was killed at the intersection of monroe in south baltimore. 26 year-old ran from police, but slammed into a one in and blew through a stop sign. that woman was transferred to shock trauma. she has not been identified. >> a former police officer
county in the state. >> ladies and gentlemen, the next lieutenant governor of maryland, mary cain. >> they took to the campaign trail on thursday surrounded by supporters. >> we will start over in january, putting maryland first again. >> bob ehrlich introduced mary came on her home turf, montgomery county. people believe that it is it wise choice. >> it reaches out to montgomery county. it reaches out to women. it even reaches out the catholics. >> decisions that she took after serving as secretary of state in bob ehrlich's administration gives her experience as a prosecutor in montgomery county. when the republican governor was defeated by martin o'malley, he lost by 79,000 votes in montgomery county. >> we have the most voters, the most independent voters, we will be essential in this election. >> move maryland forward. >> he is from montgomery county and he made it one of his first campaign stops after announcing his reelection bid. >> take merriman back? back to what? >> he does not believe that anyone county will influence the 2010 gubernatorial return. it is not just a ques
, a speedy decision by maryland court of appeal. tuesday, the role that voters should have a final say on whether sluts the long in the mall. -- slots the long at the mall. >> there are a part of a seven and a cases a year. they take an average of five or six months. quite the court was pressured to decide the case quickly because time is running out. the order is a setback for baltimore developer who wants to open a casino with up to 4700 slot machines. he calls the project an economic boom for the cash strapped state. >> that is $500 million a year for maryland. that should be starting. >> those opposed believe the court's decision protecting critical aspect of democracy. the citizens' right to challenge decisions made by local lawmakers. >> what is right is that a casino does not belong in a parking lot. that is what people have said. people have a right to appeal zoning legislation. that is what we did. >> now that is over, the battle will fall to the court of public opinion where voters will have the last word. the jockey club is celebrating the decision. they helped finance the p
the bank. >> severe thunderstorms rolled through maryland again today. we will see what is behind this front as we head into the weekend. temperatures are in the 80's. winds are light but they are shifting to the north. >> it was the chance to meet all of the ravens cheerleaders tonight. the event took place at the havana club downtown. fans also got the chance to have the chair lighters -- the cheerleaders sign the new calendar. one drug maker is using the recent tylenol recall to its advantage. you could ultimately benefit. the campaign is urging mothers and fathers to restock their medicine cabinet, hinting that so many had to do so following the recall. navartus is also giving away bottles of its new try and make -- its new triaminic product. toyota and lexus sedans are being recalled oversteering issues. the law bars can reportedly break. -- the lock bars can reportedly break. here are the specifics. 373,000 toyota avalon from 2000 to 2004 have been named and 40,000 lexus ls 47820032007. owners -- lexus ls 478 from 2003 to 2007. owners should have been notified. how can we be
. >> the record-breaking heat is unavoidable, and it is taking quite a toll on maryland. >> it is affecting train riders stock in the summer heat today. more on that story. more on the investigation on a nursing home that is forced to move its residents out. >> the officials say so far close to 60 residents have been moved to other facilities to get a break from the heat. some of them are still being moved at this hour. we are expecting record temperatures throughout the week. state health officials are wondering why they never reported the air conditioning problems to the states. they had residents saying they had enough of the heat. state health officials say one of them actually called 911 to report air-conditioning had been broken since friday. city officials immediately notified the state, who visited the facility later in the day. >> upon the arrival, they found a building that was very warm and possibly uncomfortable for the vulnerable adults who reside in the facility. >> nancy grimm says a top to bottom inspection shows only one of the four compressors for air conditioning did work. she
found a printing machine, paper, and numerous counterfeit bills in the room. >> maryland officials say this guyots in and around a county have tested positive for west nile virus. -- mosquitos in anne arundel county have tested positive for west nile virus. while it can cause serious illness in humans, most people who are infected do not show any symptoms at all. the area was sprayed tuesday and another spraying is scheduled for next week. we have a checklist for you on wbaltv.com. baltimore city is getting some well-deserved recognition for its success in immunizing school-age children. baltimore is one of six cities which dramatically improved its immunization rates, according to recent study conducted by the journal of urban hell. it noted the city's efforts to overcome barriers to timely immunizations. >> the city learned from international experiences of actually reaching children who need immunizations. the city did not have the highest coverage levels before, but as we learn from other countries have to bring those lessons back and reached the children in baltimore. >> in 1996,
assignments, including executive protection. his latest assignment was with the maryland coordination and analysis center, reporting to federal, state, and local police agencies. >> a robbery in east baltimore ended with a storeowner opening fire. at around 5:00 tonight a robber demanded cash ed matthews food market. that is when the owner reportedly opened fire, but the robber got away. it is unclear if the suspect was hit. the fbi has snagged a serial bank robber they have been searching for since last month. he was picked up on saturday morning during an attempted robbery in hamilton. he demanded cash when the temblor hit the net -- a panic button and the police responded. this robbery would have been the seventh committed by randall. >> one of the first, -- 25-year- old derek maxy was killed outside of the american legion hall. a 15-year-old shot in the leg during the gunfire is recovering. police said they do not believe the victims knew each other. anyone with information is asked to call police. baltimore county police have released the name of a woman who died in their custody
, students at the university of maryland are scared and looking for the start of a strong recovery with lots of hiring. >> the touchy political issue of extending unemployment benefits will remain unsettled until the senate returns from a break in 10 days. in the meantime, maryland's new unemployment numbers have not been released, but we are well below the national average. >> police have removed 76 illegal guns from the streets. police are looking for a gunman who shot an active duty officer. they arrived at a bar this morning where it 26-year-old chase love was gunned down. >> this is a war veteran, someone returning from afghanistan and the second tour of duty serving this country. he was gunned down for no good reason at all. >> detectives say i love it was shot in the chest after a fight broke out. an unidentified victim was shot in essex this morning. he has been rushed to bayview medical center. he died. police do not have a suspect or a motive. >> a trial of a woman who shot and killed her husband is about to wrap up. barry sims has been covering this trial since it began. he has th
and for the next couple days. the storms are lined up along the mid atlantic coastal areas. maryland has been hit hard. a couple of waves have tracked through. another round is coming into baltimore city from the southwest. this batch of thunderstorms also accompanied by lots of lightning. that is one of the dangerous features of these. there were strong winds with the storms. there was some hail reported. the strongest ones are rolling at howard county up to southwestern baltimore county. they will push across the city. heavy downpours are possible. there may be strong and gusty winds. the winds did knock down some branches and do some damage this afternoon. i read has been out and about investigating some of this damage-- kai reed has been out and about investigating some of the damage. and that they did not bargain on what came along with the rain. -- >> they did not bargain on what came along with the rain. this and burned for several hours. >> i was scared. then she heard a loud bang and saw flash of light. >> the lightning struck the power lines three times. then the fire department got her
in western maryland. a little bit more thunder and then some showery weather through the early morning. flood watches are up until 6:00 tomorrow morning. this is for a large section of central maryland from cecil to hertford county. it has expanded into southern maryland. some areas out and west virginia are under borings -- under warnings. downtown baltimore, an inch of rain. of that is adding up to some pretty good rainfall totals. this is really starting to see a surplus for the month. we are almost half an inch above normal at the airport. the rain is helping out. 81 degrees in southern maryland. we have called in to the low to mid '70's to the north. -- cooled to the low to mid 70's to the north. it is a slow-moving front. it is creeping south again. this is the front that will come through here tomorrow and trigger another round of showers and storms. there is some heat building up. parts of kansas into eastern colorado. we have this depicted as a cool front. there is a lot of warm air coming in. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms in the area. look at the way the skies c
are in doing these days away from the classroom, some principles are hard at work throughout the maryland principal academy. the event features training on new leadership skills and discussion of a new principle of valuation program. the new of violation said to be launched in 2012. it will be based on the number of factors including apple planning preparations. it seems a development team want to take a legitimate step at turning around the eyesore that it has become. some have say they've heard of before. >> it has become a sad state of affairs. however, according to annapolis mayor, it is all about to change things a couple of developers who are very familiar. >> i hope it is legitimate. it is pretty much that i've heard it before. >> she has run it inside the market house in annapolis for three years. she does not in and get her hopes of any more. she says broken promises, busted air conditioners, and a lot of nothing have led to the market's demise. >> it does in this way for so long. i compare they remember what it was like when it was full. we came in this building for years ago. e
at the university of maryland back in march. dissidents were arrested following a rowdy celebration. -- students were arrested following a rowdy celebration. a lawyer representing six others said that five of charges were dropped. those charges will still move forward. three people were injured this morning when flames broke out of home in baltimore county. by your kreuz responded shortly after 10:00. -- fire crews responded shortly after 10:00. the fire started in the basement where crews believe there was some sort of explosion. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it took firefighters 30 minutes to put up the flavors at an apartment building in northwest baltimore. the fire started on the sixth floor of the strass mthmore towr building. an elderly woman was taken to bayview medical center to be treated for burns. no word on what sparked the fire. earlier firefighters were called to the 2300 block of jordan hill ave. we're told the home is occupied and no one was home at the time. the cause remains under investigation. bge crews were called after a car director of the gas line.
in the gubernatorial race in maryland. >> i need somebody to help me turn it around. >> he announced that mary will join him on the republican ticket. she served as secretary of state during his administration and is currently director of special projects at the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> she is a dynamic speaker. i think that makes a difference. >> the attorney is a daughter of irish immigrants. she is a mother of three. she lived in montgomery county where a towns and university professor is critical in the gubernatorial race. >> it is something that republicans wonder how the economics will affect this. this is a test of that. >> he has more political cloud than any other person that ran in to the us and 6. -- 2006. the former governor has 26,000 facebook followers. it is strategically smart for him to announce his running mate in cyberspace. >> i think it shows the young people are using social networking. he does not have a combined debt is huge -- if you want a campaign that is up to date, you have to use this. >> the governor reacted to ehrlich stores a short time ago stating that thi
service now throughout much of central and eastern maryland. that's why we need the rain. there's actually a flood watch in parts of western maryland because of the showers coming in from the mountains fairly heavy. you can see the front has made its way through far western maryland with the rain, where temperatures have dropped into the 0's, but we're still closer to 80 here in baltimore. sub rise, cloudy, muggy, showers should be in the area. 69 to 76 to start saturday. here comes the front slicing through the mountains now. we'll call it mild behind it. it's not a dramatic cooldown but it is much dryer from central ohio back up into chicago and up into the great lakes. this front will change the air mass a little bit and kick up a few showers. high pressure is scheduled to come in and make for a nice finish to the weekend. there you see the showers crossing baltimore and heading to the eastern shore in the afternoon and then tapering off in the evening with some clearing later tomorrow night. 81 to 86. it's going to be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow than it was just a few days ago when we h
of its kind in maryland, and tends to a wide range of clientele. >> the broad population we are serving, a fair number of new americans just entered the country, a fair number of people who have historically been here for generations. we serve a lot of folks from different countries to come here is refugees. >> the non-profit service over 15th thousand people a year with a lab and pharmacy on site. imagine getting free swimming lessons from someone that most people call the greatest swimmer of all time. >> some lucky baltimore city summer school students are getting that opportunity to learn from none other than michael phelps. tim tooten has all the details from the pool. >> michael phelps showed up at that swimming pool, his mission to teach young people have a swim and to make good life choices. michael phelps went down memory lane, sharing with young swimmers how to get over what used to be his own fear of the water. that was before he earned 14 gold medals. now along with members of his swim club, he has pledged to give students 20 hours of free lessons over the summer picnics of g
than $350,000 in sales-tax revenue for maryland. they hope that in fact will continue far beyond the festival weekend. -- that the impact will continue far beyond the festival weekend. >> it generates money for the city very good >> more people will find out what baltimore is about. >> that kicks off tomorrow around noon and runs until sunday at 8:00. >> you can find everything you need to know on our website at wbaltv.com. we also invite you to send us your photos and videos. for the time being, the guessing has stopped after 85 days and the more near 104 -- 184 million gallons of oil. british petroleum has gained control over what may be the worst environmental catastrophe by carefully placing of fitted cap over the oilwell. bp says as of 3:25 this afternoon, it stopped the flow. that is great relief for millions of people affected. even while bp executives warned they are still far from the finish line. >> finally there is an end in sight. >> it is possible if the pressures are low that we will have to read initiate -- re- initiate the flow. >> president obama did say he would
university of maryland students are digging up a lot of history this summer. the details are ahead. could visiting a hospital in july be bad for your health? we will explain. if you are in the market for a new vehicle, how buying new may save you cash. >> why the labels on beer bottle of sunscreen argue for a makeover. that is into night -- on your model of sunscreen art dealer for a makeover. >> the seven-day forecast is straight ahead. 87 degrees right now at the airport, and still 89 downtown. like east wins. like east wins. >> this didn't stop their hands dirty today the of pieces of history. -- students got their hands dirty today. they have spent the past few weeks the up artifacts at the home of a man freed from slavery to work for the superintendent of the u.s. naval academy. >> our job is to show that it has been an integrated community of people living together for a very long time. >> didn't stay on an old and tonic bottle, parts of dishware and bones from animals. the project will continue for the next two summers. if you missed out on the "cash- for-clunkers" program but you
. -- on the boardwalk, it is 83. 87 at edgewood. chester town is 96. it feels like the 70's in western maryland because there is less humidity. here are those storms. these clouds were all up in new york state and back toward wisconsin yesterday and the day before. now, they have slipped further to the south. later tonight, we might pick up a quick shower or thundershower. it will be isolated. tomorrow, the actual front comes through and will push this out of the picture. by monday, we will be in this less unit and slightly cooler air. i cannot wait. a slight risk of a thunderstorm north of us tonight. 77 to 81 is the overnight low tonight. we still have a heat advisory in our area. the excessive heat warning will be confined to the philadelphia area. west to northwest winds at 10 to 15 m.p.h.. as we take a look at the instaweather plus seven day forecast, it will be less humid and a little cooler. 91 and 89 respectively monday and tuesday. more storms on wednesday and thursday with higher humidity and then a regular july whether into the weekend. >> john, we are trying to figure out what to berkshire
to curled because of not enough water. >> most of central maryland is experiencing a modern agricultural drought. this is the hottest it has been this early in the summer in 22 years. >> over the next four days to five days, we will see some real trouble in the bean crops and the corn crops and any crop that is not under irrigation. >> corn is also slowly drying of thirst. it is starting to burn from the bottom up. the leaves are curled. >> it is just protecting itself. it is protecting itself from a wide-open, just like your and died laying out in the sun, we would try to curl up to protect ourselves to withstand it. >> this can interfere with colonization. you may not recognize sweet corn when it hits the shelves. >> the kernels will be mismatched. there will be some kernels at the top. it will have a lot smaller ears. >> we checked with the chief compress the mire. since -- with some chief tom passemier. >> a massive medicine recall includes tylenol. >> a local teacher could have taught your father and your father's father is being honored by baltimore county. new research on childhoo
states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. >> tomorrow will be a lot like today. >> very similar. probably ring free. there is a slight chance of isolated storms, but that will probably be south of us. higher humidity on monday and then the rain chances will taper off and then go off a bit at the end of the week. july is here. >> we will be back to tomorrow at 5:00 a.m.. saturday night live is next. have a great night, everybody. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- ♪ >>> we will now take you live to beijing for the joint press conference already under way between u.s. president obama and chinese president hu jintao.
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